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If you need to earn your GED in less than a year, we can help you. Our program is focused on test preparation for all sections of the GED. Participants have multiple opportunities to practice taking science, social studies, math, and reasoning through language arts sections of the GED. Our program is only in English. We use Princeton Review 3rd Edition book, Study.com (online supplement for self-pace), and different online resources to prepare students virtually and face-to-face for the exam. Program Cost: $50.00 per two-hour session, $750.00 (fee can be split into two payments) per year or $375.00 per semester (four-month intervals). Pay for Test Prep Courses in our shop.


We offer classes from Monday -Saturday. Our morning classes are from 10 am-12:00 pm. Fridays, classes are from 10:00 am- 1:00pm. Our evening classes are on Mondays (4:30 pm-6:30 pm and Thursdays (6:00 pm-8:00 pm). We customize classes to our students' schedules.


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GED Prep Services &


01 Math Prep

03 Science Prep

02. Social Studies Prep

04 Reasoning Through Language Arts

We provide interactive, engaging one-on-one preparation or in a group setting. Classes are custom to the client's schedule. Classes can be online or face-to-face. Students must be able to read at an 8th-grade level. High school math skills are expected. 

We provide interactive and engaging test prep classes. Students will analyze graphs and data. Students must be able to make inferences from information provided in the question stem.

We provide interactive and engaging prep work for the social studies exam. Students will complete test prep work and review content needed to close gaps in academic needs. Students must be able to read at an 8th-grade level.  

We provide engaging and interactive classes reading and writing classes. Students will practice completing the language arts exams. Students will learn how to structure a persuasive essay. Students will practice writing the essay in 45 mins. 

We use STUDY.com to supplement our online curriculum

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GED Channel
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Dr. Pope and program participant.

GED Supplies

Some of the GED materials provided to students when they enroll for a semester or six months.