Our adult education center and career school provide several classes and workforce development programs to help adults change and improve their lives, advance their careers, and improve their literacy levels.


We believe our adult learning center will improve adult education rates help our learners become prepared for the workforce. Workforce development is critical to strengthening America's economy. According to the US Department of Education, "130 people lack proficiency in literacy and read below the equivalent 6th-grade level" (2021). Through our ESL classes, Citizenship classes, and GED prep classes we expect to decrease illiteracy rates and help adults take control of their education and their careers.


The Resource Center provides Job Placement training and Job Skill training for teens and adult learners with diagnosed disabilities and criminal convictions. Our mission is to help them obtain employment and/or to start a new business. We offer career courses via distance education and face-to-face.

Admission and Fees

Our classes are priced comparatively with community colleges' prices. If you qualify, Texas Workforce Solutions may pay for the Job Placement and Job Skills program.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Sheila Pope
Stationary photo

Dr. Sheila Pope